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A Registered Nurse could be the difference

In critical situations an RN’s comprehensive assessment skills can save lives. Unfortunately for Albertans, reductions to direct RN care mean subtle yet vital cues will go unnoticed.

RN Care

Reduces hospital infections

Increasing the number of RNs on staff helps reduce infections and other issues for patients. Increasing the proportion of unregulated health-care workers on medical and surgical units can have a negative impact on patient safety.

Prevents hospital deaths

RN care is even more necessary when a patient’s needs are complex, acute and unpredictable. Adding more RNs to the acute-care hospital workforce can help save thousands of lives each year.

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NP Care

Controls health-care costs

NPs focus on helping people take control of their own health by providing crucial health management education and guidance. Through their diverse skills and expertise, NPs alleviate pressure on the health-care system, providing timely and cost efficient care.

Impacts patient satisfaction

Research shows that patients who have received care from an NP report a high level of satisfaction.

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Sharing is Caring

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A Registered Nurse’s expertise is irreplaceable at the bedside. RNs work on the front lines of care in Alberta – saving lives, promoting health and reducing health-care costs. Inform your network of the difference RN care makes.

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The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) is the professional and regulatory body for Alberta’s more than 35,000 registered nurses, including nurses in direct care, education, research and administration as well as nurse practitioners. Its mandate is to protect the public by ensuring that Albertans receive effective, safe and ethical care by registered nurses.